IECS Presents: The 1st Annual International Empower Africa Conference.

Date: 7th – 10th April 2010

Venue: Astor Events Hall, Plymouth – England

In association with: Impact Africa Network

Inaugurated by: His Excellency, Ken Foster, The Lord Mayor

Speakers / Lecturers: Prof. Patrick Hunt, PhD; Prof. Mosi Dorbayani, PhD; Prof. Kaveh Farrokh, PhD; Dr. Kabir; Marjan A. Dorbayani, PhD; Shabnam Delfani, PhD St. and Brian A. E. Stoyel

Chaired by: Prof. M. Dorbayani, PhD

Topics covered:

– Key issues on African environment, managing water, sanitation and marine;
– The role of charities and their impact on Africa;
– Promotion of Peace education;
– Education of human rights: does tradition & culture have any role in it?;
– Human Rights Teacher Training Workshop;
– Leadership, from business to cultural organisations: is it what you inherit or learn?;
– Public Relations: are you recognised?;
– Negotiation & Diplomacy in cross-culture;
– Human Resources & crucial employment facts in multicultural society.

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